Field Services

AHL Marine provides a wide range of onsite equipment repair services to keep your system operating at optimum capacity. Our field service and operation teams work closely with our customers to ensure quality repair so as to avert equipment downtime. 

Located strategically in the heart of Southeast Asia, we are at the nexus of major shipping lanes hence making Singapore an important logistics and bunkering hub. Our Service team can conveniently and swiftly attend to your hydraulic problems on board and components can easily be off landed to our in-house workshop for repairs.

Our field services includes:


1. Troubleshooting and diagnostic

Breakdown? Our multi-disciplined engineers will travel to wherever your vessel is and whenever you need them. They are also supported by our onshore technical experts.

2. Inspection

We provide pre-docking inspection, general health checks and engineering studies so you can prepare the necessary spares and avoid unplanned delays during docking.


3. Shipyard Repairs

With comprehensive insurance policies plan and yard contacts, we are able to perform repairs at most shipyards around this region.

4. Commissioning and load test

AHL understands the importance of safety equipment operation hence proper commissioning and load test will be performed before handing over your equipment back to you.


5. Preventative Maintenance

There is an old saying that goes: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Preventative Maintenance, when done regularly and correctly, reduce the chances of major equipment failure and unplanned machine downtime. Speak to us now so we can draw up a PM plan for your equipment.

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