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How long do hydraulic components last? This critical question has been asked by equipment/business owners numerous times.

It is an unfortunate fact of life that all mechanical parts such as hydraulic pumps, motors, cylinders, valves, etc, will eventually fail due to over usage, oil contamination, misuse and many other reasons. To improve the life span of these components, it is important to have a proper maintenance schedule to overhaul all critical hydraulic components in a reliable and qualified workshop.

At AHL Hydraulics, we have our own in-house hydraulic workshop that specialises in the repair of most piston type hydraulic pumps, motors, cylinders, valves, winches, gearboxes and other hydraulic components. All components are fully dismantled and internal parts are checked to ensure they are all within manufacturer's tolerances. All parts that are out of tolerance or damaged will be replaced. All our repairs come with dynamic/choke/functional/pressure testing on our 220HP variable drive test rig to ensure components pass the test before sending it out to you. With yearly calibrated flowmeters and pressure sensors, rest assured your components are in safe hands.

Component Repairs: What We Fix


1. Pumps and motors

AHL Hydraulics specialises in the repair of hydraulic pumps and motors especially piston type. Our skilled technicians are trained to repair different brands of pumps and motors. We are also the service agent for Bosch Rexroth. Below are the few brands we service.

2. Cylinders

AHL Hydraulics maintains its' high standard of cylinder repairs. Formerly trained by Hydratech Industries (now Dellner Hydratech), our cylinder repairs come with proper measurement and inspection. Our in-house testing comes with datalogging function to ensure all repairs meet the qualifying criteria.


3. Gearboxes and winches

AHL Hydraulics refurbish and overhaul different models of gearboxes and winches. We have the proper procedures and resources to keep your winches and gearboxes in operation.

4. Valves and Actuators

AHL Hydraulics has the capability to repair your valves and actuators. We can assist you to design a new valve block to meet your hydraulic system requirements.


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